Exclusivity 2017

Bringing Technology to Market

Exclusivity 2017, Salamanca, Spain

It's not by chance that the Exclusivity 2017, a workshop on bringing technology to market, will be held in Salamanca, the historic city in Spain known as a cradle of one of the oldest universities in Europe. This event brings together innovative technologies, licensable inventions, research and engineering facilities, startup support resources and sources of funding—all under one roof, and all available for networking. This showcase is organized by Market Research Association.

Are you an inventor, entrepreneur, product developer, angel investor, scientist, engineer or post-doc in search of your future? Is your company looking for technology solutions to improve your products? Spend the day at the Exclusivity 2017 learning about new innovations and the resources available to help build businesses around them.

Start-ups as well as small and medium sized firms will:

  • Get clarity on rights to intellectual property that arises under government collaborations.
  • Gain insight on how interdisciplinary science and engineering can create new innovations.
  • Learn how local resources can connect you with the business, financing and manufacturing support you need to grow your business.

The format of the showcase will include opening remarks by venture capital professionals, brief morning presentations of market research studies and commercially-viable inventions. Speakers will be available following their presentations as their time permits for networking with interested attendees to explore licensing and collaboration opportunities—no appointments necessary. For those identifying collaboration opportunities, technology licensing experts will be available to advise and demystify the process of collaborating with academic organizations. Over lunch and into the afternoon, showcase sponsors will introduce the wide variety of resources available to support small and start-up businesses and will also be available for ad hoc networking and consultation. Relevant case studies will be reviewed for discussion at the showcase:

Apache Spark Market
Browser as a Service Market
Context Brokering Market
Data Warehouse Acceleration Market
Data Warehouse Market
Deception Cybersecurity Market
Deep Packet Inspection (DPI): U.S. Government Market
DevOps & Microservice Ecosystem Market
Electromagnetic Railgun Market
Global Biofuel Production Forecast
Global Cloud Computing Market
Government Cloud Computing Markets
Hadoop Market
High Energy Military Laser Market
Human Resources (HR) Software Market
Human Resources (HR) Software For Healthcare, Market Forecast
NewSQL Market
NoSQL Market
Quantum Computing Market
Software Defined Digital Camera Market
U.S. Federal Cloud Computing Market
U.S. Federal Cybersecurity Market
U.S. Federal Government Mass Media Market
U.S. Federal IT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Market
U.S. Federal IT Market Forecast
U.S. IT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Market
U.S. Federal Government Mobility Market
U.S.-Mexico Border Protection Market
U.S. Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Market
UK Human Resources (HR) Software Market
Ultracapacitor Market
Virtual Conference & Trade Show Market
Worldwide Defense High Performance Computing (HPC) Market
Worldwide High Performance Computing (HPC) Market
Zika Virus Preparedness Market